Terry Pomerantz’s favourite cigar store

Shopping for good cigars is part of life’s pleasures that enhance the precious moments of freedom that Terry Pomerantz sets aside for himself. A big fan of good cigars, he adopted the Vasco Cigars shop on Sainte-Catherine Street, between Bishop and Crescent.

Not only does Terry find there a stunning selection of Cuban cigars such as the Cohiba Siglo, the Montecristo No. 2 and the Romeo y Julieta Churchills, but also excellent cigars from the Dominican Republic such as the Davidoff and the Arturo Fuente Opus X.

Vasco Cigars also proposes a complete range of accessories for cigar enthusiasts, including lighters, humidors, some specifically designed for travel, cases, cigar-cutters in addition to an essential accessory, a rarity these days, ashtrays!

“Taking the time to savour a good cigar, it’s simply making time stop for a while. These are exceptional moments! You have to know to choose them so that each is unique”, confides Terry, lighting his cigar in the quiet shadows of dusk.

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