The best wines to drink in summer according to Terry Pomerantz!

If you ask Terry Pomerantz what the best wines are to drink in summer, don’t expect an answer riddled with names of grape varieties, of vintages, of small fruit flavours, of traces of black chocolate marbled with soft blends of truffle scents and late-season raspberries.

To your question, Terry will simply answer: “Drink any wine you like!” And Terry continues, “summer is not the moment to rack your brains with such complex knowledge that we forget the essential. Do I like the wine I’m drinking? Do I like the company of the people I am with? Do I like the location where I am?”

For Terry, summer is the season where you should enjoy a very fresh rosé with family and friends at the end of the afternoon on the patio.

Terry appreciates rosés from the South of Europe such as a Frescobaldi Alie from Italy, a Sangre de Torro from Spain, a Château Beaulieu from Provence or a Listel Gris from Languedoc-Roussillon. American rosés such as the Angels & Cowboys from Sonoma Valley or the Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi are also quite excellent as well.

Therefore, leisurely time, children’s laughter and a fresh glass of rosé… A summer Saturday afternoon in the life of Terry.

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