Thanksgiving is all about celebrating the family

Lars Plougmann from United Kingdom, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons For Terry Pomerantz, the importance of Thanksgiving is rooted in two pillars: family and generosity. “It’s the last long weekend before the holiday season. The colours of fall are stunning. Thanksgiving is a beautiful time to come together as a family. It’s a time … Continued

Toxic father: how to sever ties?

Whether it is the dad or the mom, a loving parent can truly be the wind beneath their child’s wings. However, when a parent is toxic, the child’s development can be halted and severely damaged. Terry Pomerantz presents basic information that can help identify if a father is considered toxic. Terry hopes that this information … Continued

How to easily explain war to children

Each day, media puts forth dozens of headlines about wars, threats and conflict. Curious, children listen to their parents who discuss these topics. Even if they seem like they’re playing, it doesn’t mean they are not listening to the adults talking. “Explaining war to children is an absolute necessity if we wish to reassure them” … Continued

Toxic mother: how to cut ties?

When Terry Pomerantz replaced his father, Saül, at the head of the family foundation, he decided to personally invest himself by helping children in need. No matter if these children are victims of illness, poverty, intimidation or toxic parents, Terry and all of his collaborators at the Pomerantz Foundation really take their wellbeing to heart … Continued

A poem for dad – Terry Pomerantz, head of the Pomerantz Foundation, reflects on fatherhood

“When they come together, a mom and a dad gift their children with all the love in the world. And when a mother and a father offer their children all the love in the world, these children will grow up to gift their own children with all the love in the world too” says Terry … Continued

A poem for mom: mother’s day, the perfect time to celebrate peace!

For the Terry Pomerantz team in charge of the Pomerantz Foundation, celebrating Mother’s Day means celebrating peace. “Let’s remember that mothers have not given birth to soldiers, nor street kids, nor refugees” says Terry Pomerantz, leader of the Pomerantz family Foundation. Terry Pomerantz presents 3 texts carefully selected to celebrate Mother’s Day. The origins of … Continued

A call to come to Ukrainians’ aid!

Terry Pomerantz is concerned. The Pomerantz family is concerned. We are all concerned. Hospitals are bombarded, maternity wards are bombarded. Children are dead or injured. Children hold on tight to their mothers or grand-mothers’ hands to flee from bombs. Mud, ruins, dads left behind to defend Ukraine, to defend the future they had dreamed of … Continued

The evolution of women’s rights in Quebec

For Terry Pomerantz and the Pomerantz Foundation “It is essential that women’s rights in Quebec as well as women’s rights in Canada be respected, so that children’s rights be respected as well. It is of the utmost importance that women’s rights allow for women to overcome poverty and exclusion, so that all children in Quebec … Continued

Terry Pomerantz tells you more about helping sick kids.

“Yes, several foundations like the Pomerantz foundation help sick children and their families. Federal and provincial governments also have support programs, to bring assistance to the families of critically ill children. If sick children and their families need to lean on the generosity of these foundations and our governments, they also need you, your presence … Continued