Terry Pomerantz supports the education and integration of youth from cultural communities, including young women of Jewish origin

A father, son of an immigrant and a Lanaudière mother Terry Pomerantz is the eldest son of Saül Pomerantz and Alice Brûlé. Saul was born in Montreal to an Austrian father and a Romanian mother, while Alice is from Saint-Gabriel-de-Brandon, north of Joliette. The Pomerantz family is one example among thousands of an immigrant family that … Continued

Winter coat donations: think of the disadvantaged children

Misleading Appearances The Pomerantz Foundation is well placed to know this. Since the beginning of the COVID 19 pandemic, the number of families in need has increased dramatically. It is not uncommon to see children in the middle of winter with worn-out sneakers and discarded coats that have stopped protecting them from the cold long … Continued

How to organize a fundraiser?

Each year, the Pomerantz Foundation donates millions of dollars to several charitable organizations that care for underprivileged children in Montreal. In this article, Terry Pomerantz gives us 6 tips for organizing a successful fundraising event. Terry Pomerantz’s 6 pieces of advice: Choose a cause that donors identify with Mobilize a team of volunteers Manage the … Continued

Terry and the Pomerantz Foundation wish you all the best for the holiday season

For the holiday season, Terry Pomerantz extends his best wishes to all his readers and to all those who help underprivileged children. This year more than any other, the Holidays will be a time for celebration. Of course, we will have to “reinvent” the way we get together. There will be fewer of us at … Continued

Get ready for your next charity golf tournament

“The Pomerantz Foundation team has mastered the organization of charity golf tournaments in a way that few organizations do. On the other hand, I’m not a good golfer, far from it! I barely know how to hold a golf club and I don’t know much about club assembly. So if I need to change the … Continued

Helping underprivileged children attend school today is creating the wealth of tomorrow.

In this time of COVID, Terry Pomerantz invites us to support the families of underprivileged children to prepare for the back-to-school season by helping them get the school supplies they need. “With the economy slowing down for several more months, families with school-aged children who are in need today may not have been in need … Continued

The secret to the success of the Queen Flash concert organized by the Pomerantz Foundation.

The Pomerantz Foundation has no shortage of creativity when it comes to organizing a fundraiser to help children in need. COVID-19, cancellation of the golf tournament “For the past 12 years, our annual golf tournament has raised considerable funds for the organizations we support. In 2020, the pandemic and the health measures of physical distancing … Continued

Let’s support our local businesses!

The boldness of our entrepreneurs Terry Pomerantz knows the importance of local business and industry. “The boldness, the quality of expertise, the quality of entrepreneurship and the professionalism of Quebecers are recognized around the world. Whether it is in the fields of hydroelectricity, furniture, food products, culture, design and construction of bridges, hydroelectric dams, artificial … Continued

5 personalities testify to Terry Pomerantz’s generosity towards sick children

At the head of the family foundation set up by his father, Saül Pomerantz, Montreal entrepreneur Terry Pomerantz is unanimously recognized as a wonderful philanthropist who helps sick children. Here are a few excerpts from the testimonials we gathered from 5 personalities active in charitable and hospital organizations that care for children in need and … Continued