Terry Pomerantz being honoured

The Ben Weider Education Center Chabad Seminary of Canada Honouring Terry Pomerantz at the 2019 Feast of the Nations Gala for his charitable efforts and contributions to our community.

Terry Pomerantz’s Top 1 scotch bar!

Although Terry is not a great connoisseur on the topic of scotches, he still knows how to truly appreciate them, especially if the whisky glass is paired with a good cigar. Top 1, the Whisky Café If there is a place in Montreal where he likes to sip a Balvenie from Speyside or a Talisker … Continued

Terry Pomerantz’s Top 5 favourite restaurants!

Eating well for the pleasure of balance Terry likes fine red meat, good wine and conversation with friends: “I don’t think that eating should be a pharmaceutical prescription. Eating well is not restricting or starving yourself in the name of health. For me, eating well, being healthy, it’s above all a question of balance and … Continued

The art of tasting a good wine according to Terry Pomerantz

Traditional Tasting According to tradition, you must know how to distinguish the aromas, discern the subtilities of the flavours, the body’s texture and the colour. Mastering the science of taste requires to follow some training. With time and experience, you will be able to truly appreciate the clearness of a Beaujolais, the robe (the colour) … Continued

Top 5 cigars according to Terry Pomerantz!

We know it, Terry Pomerantz likes a good cigar. Pleasure of the dreamer. Pleasure of the philosopher. Pleasure of the wise. Elevating the spirit “Smoke, when from incense or plants (including tobacco) smoked in a ritual invocation, symbolizes the spirit that rises. The smoke then stands for the rising of the spirit to commune with … Continued

Terry Pomerantz tells us about Wine and BBQ!

If Terry tells us about BBQ, even while summer is behind us, it’s because at the basis of his Art of Living, pleasure must always be savoured for as long as possible. So, why not enjoy our BBQ during these nice autumn days? Downright Carnivore Terry Pomerantz is downright carnivore! For Terry, the aroma of … Continued

Toys‟R”Us Canada’s three-minute shopping dash

Soon: Toys‟R”Us Canada’s Three-Minute Dash! Every year, Toys‟R”Us Canada, in partnership with the Starlight Children’s Foundation Canada, offers seriously ill children a Three-Minute Dash shopping spree at some of their Toys‟R”Us store. During this crazy dash, the kids can fill their shopping kart with all the toys they want! This year in Montreal, the Three-Minute … Continued

The Speech Pathology program at the Jewish General Hospital’s Child Psychiatry Services.

A school at the hospital Since 2015, the Pomerantz Foundation partnered with the Jewish General Hospital Foundation to finance a very specific program within the school integrated to the Child Psychiatry Services at the Jewish General Hospital (JGH). “We believe that our family foundation has a duty to provide support to children who are different”, … Continued

The Starlight Children’s Foundation Canada organizes a very special Halloween party!

An Amazing Halloween Party! Trick or treating is not really possible for seriously ill children. Most of them can only be nostalgic about Halloween activities, as if they will never again experience such magical moments. To rectify this, Starlight Children’s Foundation Canada organizes each year Halloween events adapted to the needs of seriously ill kids, … Continued