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Have you been a witness of child abuse? Here is what to do.

Terry Pomerantz denounces all forms of child abuse vehemently: “A child is not born to cry, but rather to play and laugh. A child is born to bring joy to the world, not to suffer!” Risk Factors for Child Abuse  Reasons behind child abuse are multifaceted and interrelated. They are comprised of unfavorable economic family … Continued

5 activities for family cohesion and bonding

Terry Pomerantz has always placed a high value on family bonding. Terry Pomerantz has always placed a high value on family bonding.  He recognizes how fortunate he was to have parents for whom family ties were precious!  “Strong family ties are the foundation of self-confidence and respect for others. The Pomerantz Foundation allows our family … Continued

Terry Pomerantz offers you his Best Wishes. 2020, a new year and new resolutions!

The famous resolutions… well Terry Pomerantz does not really believe in “good” resolutions for the New Year. “Each year, we do it again. And to fix everything, 2020 is the first year of a new decade! So we’re all going to make resolutions for the year, and the most courageous among us will even dare … Continued

The Holidays are the warmth of family and friends, accompanied with a good wine

Time for a break, time for a little peace “The Holidays are truly the most wonderful time of the year, simply because everyone take the time for it” comments Terry Pomerantz. He continues: “No matter their occupation, their business, their culture, their language, their beliefs, everyone stops. And everyone is like everyone. The differences go … Continued

The Holidays are the perfect time to give to families and kids in need

More and more families and children in need There are unfortunately increasing numbers of families and kids in need. Food banks such as the one from Sun Youth are having a hard time meeting this increasing demand. On Radio-Canada, Bob le Chef stated a few months ago that “since 2013, the demand for meals had increased … Continued

Terry Pomerantz invites you to make a donation for the Holidays

Sun Youth and emergency services during the Holidays Unfortunately, the number of vulnerable people continues to grow, and they are more and more vulnerable. With the Holiday season fast approaching, volunteers from Sun Youth will prepare and distribute food baskets to over 12,000 people. As a Christmas gift, they will also give out new toys to kids. … Continued

Terry Pomerantz’s Top 1 scotch bar!

Although Terry is not a great connoisseur on the topic of scotches, he still knows how to truly appreciate them, especially if the whisky glass is paired with a good cigar. Top 1, the Whisky Café If there is a place in Montreal where he likes to sip a Balvenie from Speyside or a Talisker … Continued

Terry Pomerantz’s Top 5 favourite restaurants!

Eating well for the pleasure of balance Terry likes fine red meat, good wine and conversation with friends: “I don’t think that eating should be a pharmaceutical prescription. Eating well is not restricting or starving yourself in the name of health. For me, eating well, being healthy, it’s above all a question of balance and … Continued

The art of tasting a good wine according to Terry Pomerantz

Traditional Tasting According to tradition, you must know how to distinguish the aromas, discern the subtilities of the flavours, the body’s texture and the colour. Mastering the science of taste requires to follow some training. With time and experience, you will be able to truly appreciate the clearness of a Beaujolais, the robe (the colour) … Continued