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5 activities for family cohesion and bonding

Terry Pomerantz has always placed a high value on family bonding. Terry Pomerantz has always placed a high value on family bonding.  He recognizes how fortunate he was to have parents for whom family ties were precious!  “Strong family ties are the foundation of self-confidence and respect for others. The Pomerantz Foundation allows our family … Continued

5 things to do to help a poor family

A few small deeds are all it takes to alleviate a situation that may be simple to us, but seems insurmountable to a family in need. A little solidarity and an act of humanity can bring hope to this family. 1 Give Your Time How do you help a poor family? By giving a little … Continued

Family therapy: Why is it important?

Since its inception in the early 1990’s, the Pomerantz Foundation has dedicated its resources to supporting education, social intervention and health organizations that help children who are different and their families. Terry Pomerantz and the leaders of this family foundation, as well as all those who work with children’s organizations, stress the importance of family … Continued

Support for children: the help available in Quebec.

The Pomerantz Foundation presents some of the aids available in Quebec to support children in need. Terry Pomerantz, leader of the family foundation established by his father, Saül Pomerantz, tells us about several ways to help disadvantaged children. The primary needs of underprivileged children According to the Observatoire des tout-petits, “In Quebec, one child in … Continued

Homeschooling in Quebec: the reality of disadvantaged families

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the increasing obsolescence of schools as well as the lack and exhaustion of teachers. Terry Pomerantz highlights the impact of homeschooling on underprivileged children and families. Homeschooling, what is it and why? Normally, some families choose to homeschool their children. The main reasons given by parents are that the children … Continued

How to organize a fundraiser with a BBQ theme?

The Pomerantz Foundation specializes in organizing events to raise funds for children in need. They have held 12 golf tournaments, a Queen Flash outdoor concert and many other events, helping raise over $5,000,000 which the Pomerantz Foundation has distributed to over 30 charities. Based on his experiences, Terry Pomerantz offers advice on how to do a … Continued

What can we do to help underprivileged kids in winter?

“We who are fortunate enough to live well find it hard to imagine how much disadvantaged children need our help. We must do something!” With these words, Terry Pomerantz wants to encourage us to become aware of an unacceptable situation. With a few simple gestures, our generosity can change this reality. It is simply a … Continued

Let’s support shelters for women victims of violence

According to the Canadian Women’s Foundation, a woman is killed by her partner every 6 days. In addition, 50% of women have experienced at least one act of physical or sexual violence since the age of 16. Every year, 362,000 children witness acts of domestic violence and every night 3,491 women and their 2,724 children … Continued

Terry Pomerantz supports the education and integration of youth from cultural communities, including young women of Jewish origin

A father, son of an immigrant and a Lanaudière mother Terry Pomerantz is the eldest son of Saül Pomerantz and Alice Brûlé. Saul was born in Montreal to an Austrian father and a Romanian mother, while Alice is from Saint-Gabriel-de-Brandon, north of Joliette. The Pomerantz family is one example among thousands of an immigrant family that … Continued