Terry Pomerantz

Since my early days at the age of 13 within the family business Dominion Foam, founded by my father Saul, I have been imbued with a valuable lesson that I still cherish today: approach every aspect of life with heart and character. This philosophy has shaped my entrepreneurial journey, propelling me as a prominent figure in the real estate and manufacturing sector in Montreal, successfully leading Domfoam (formerly Dominion Foam) and T.R.A.M.S Property Management.

Beyond my professional commitments, my passion extends into areas that define my life. On dedicated platforms, I enthusiastically share my experiences and advice on three of my favorite pleasures: wine, cuisine, and cigars. My fascination with these realms has led me to explore in detail the nuances of wine tasting, the delights of gourmet cooking, and the intricacies of the finest cigars.

These passions go beyond epicureanism; they also reflect my philanthropic commitment. As the head of charitable efforts for the Pomerantz Foundation, established in 1991, we focus our actions on the well-being of children. Every year, we organize a golf tournament, an event we initiated in 2007 that has supported over 30 nonprofit organizations over the years.

I invite you to further explore these realms close to my heart on dedicated sites, where I passionately share my discoveries and recommendations. Whether it’s savoring fine wine, preparing a refined dish, or enjoying a quality cigar, I am delighted to share these exceptional moments with you.

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