Terry Pomerantz / 1 Nov 2019

Terry Pomerantz being honoured

The Ben Weider Education Center Chabad Seminary of Canada Honouring Terry Pomerantz at the 2019 Feast of the Nations Gala for his charitable efforts and contributions to our community.

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Pomerantz Foundation: A Brighter Future for Children

A Foundation Dedicated to our Children’s Future

The Pomerantz Foundation is a family foundation primarily dedicated to children who have special needs.

Fully managed by a team of volunteers, the Pomerantz Foundation does not have to pay for managing fees or salaries. 100 % of the donations collected by the Pomerantz Foundation are used to the benefit of the beneficiaries.

Our Mission: A Brighter Future for all Children

The Pomerantz Foundation focuses all of its resources on creating a better future for children with special needs.

The Pomerantz Foundation achieves this mission by offering financial support to several nonprofit organizations that directly intervene in these children’s lives in terms of education, health, hobbies and safety.

A child with his back to a city in the distance

Your Support has a Positive Impact

Throughout the years, the significant increase in donations has allowed the Pomerantz Foundation to give over $ 7,500,000 to over 30 organizations that help children with special needs.

The Pomerantz Foundation Programs

Since it was created, the Pomerantz Foundation has supported several organizations that help children in need. The mission common to all of these nonprofit organizations is to ensure that these children have a better future, despite the challenges they have had to face, already. Among these organizations, let’s mention:

  • Le Phare: a home for pediatric palliative care that offers extensive services, free of charge, to children who have an illness that shortens their life expectancy, along with psychosocial assistance to their family.
  • Altergo is a social innovation organization that focuses on universal accessibility and inclusion for people who have functional limitations.
  • The Friendship Circle of Montreal offers help and support to people with special needs and their families, by offering recreational, social, educational and professional programs.
  • Starlight Canada focuses on creating priceless smiles and memories for gravely ill children and their families.
  • Miriam helps children and adults on the autistic spectrum and with intellectual disabilities.
  • Yaldei offers a wide range of services to help children with developmental needs to reach their full potential.
  • Mira offers free guide dogs and service dogs to people living with a visual or physical disability, and to children who are on the autism spectrum.
  • The West Island Women’s Center aims at improving the quality of life for women from the West Island, no matter their age or their socio-economic background.
A group of people ready to make a difference.

You can make a difference!

It is easy and enjoyable to make a difference in the lives of children with special needs.

  • You can add your donation to that of others who support the Pomerantz Foundation in making a difference in these children’s lives.
  • You can participate in fundraising efforts and activities that are organized by the Pomerantz Foundation. To find out more about the annual golf tournament and other events, you can visit the Foundation website regularly.
  • You can implicate yourself as a volunteer with one of the organizations that the Pomerantz Foundation supports.
  • If you enjoy cooking, good wines, cigars, or all three, take a look at the blogs that Terry Pomerantz publishes regularly. Terry often adds to his blogs information regarding the Foundation’s fundraising efforts and activities.

The Art of Life According to Terry

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Terry Pomerantz

Determination, and a proactive attitude to get things done have been the guiding principles that has led Terry Pomerantz to succeed both as a businessperson and as a philanthropist.

During school holidays, when Terry Pomerantz was 13, he started working a DomFoam, the polyurethane foam manufactory that was founded by his father Saul.

Throughout the years, Terry held various positions within the company until he became an important member of the management team.

During this time, the company also diversified by adding development and property management to its business portfolio.

“My father taught me everything. He mostly taught me to give back to society and to children in need of our solidarity. If we give up on children, what we are building today becomes pointless. Generosity, solidarity and social justice for all children are part of the core values my mother Alice and my father Saul have instilled in me”, Terry Pomerantz proudly reports.

In 1991, Terry Pomerantz established the Pomerantz Foundation. From then on, the Pomerantz Foundation has initiated important fundraising endeavours, including an annual Golf Tournament.  

Terry Pomerantz talks about how the Pomerantz Foundation’s 12th yearly tournament, which was held at the Club de Golf Saint-Raphael in l’Ile-Bizard, Quebec, on August 22nd, 2019!