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Terry Pomerantz and the Pomerantz family Foundation!

Giving forward, giving to children Saül Pomerantz, Terry’s father, started at the bottom of the ladder. Sailor, then taxi driver. He rubbed shoulders with these struggling families and children, pulled under despite all their efforts by sickness or poverty. Saül Pomerantz, the highly successful entrepreneur, has always seen it as a duty to help people … Continued

Start of The Pomerantz Foundation’s 2019 Golf Tournament: it’s soon!

Only a few days left … There are only a few days left before the first tee-off of the Pomerantz Foundation’s 2019 Golf Tournament takes place on August 22 at the Saint-Raphaël Golf Course. $275,000 Objective This year, the objective of the Pomerantz Foundation’s annual golf tournament is to raise $275,000… and a little more! … Continued

Terry Pomerantz and the challenges of succession!

Perfecting the work of his father When in 2002, Terry succeeded his father at the helm of S.P. Holdings Canada, he pursued a very simple objective: perfecting what his father established. The company is strong, its reputation is rock solid, financiers trust it and profits speak for themselves. Prestigious Buildings The business group led by … Continued

The beginnings of a Montreal entrepreneurial family: the Pomerantz!

The origins of the Pomerantz family The paternal grandparents of entrepreneur Terry Pomerantz were originally from Central Europe. His grandmother was born in Romania and his grandfather, in Austria. Arriving in Montreal at the beginning of the 20th century, they settled in the Jewish neighbourhood of St. Lawrence Street. Well-rooted in their host country, so … Continued

The 2019 Golf Tournament of the Pomerantz Foundation!

Pomerantz Foundation’s 12th Annual Golf Tournament Thursday, August 22, is when Terry and his team will welcome all participants to the 12th Annual Golf Tournament of the Pomerantz Foundation, which will take place at the prestigious Saint-Raphaël Golf Course, located in Ile Bizard. 2019 Objective: $275,000! Since its inception in 1991, the Pomerantz family’s Foundation … Continued