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Valuable support to the Jewish General Hospital’s Center for Child Development and Mental Health

Children’s voice heard thanks to donations from the Pomerantz Foundation “Without the Pomerantz Foundation’s financial support, the Center for Child Development and Mental Health of the Jewish General Hospital (JGH) would be unable to provide the current language therapy services to children who suffer from severe language difficulties, which can sometimes contribute to their behavioural … Continued

Jonathan Pomerantz, volunteer administrator of the Pomerantz Foundation

The Pomerantz Family, father to son real estate Jonathan, Terry Pomerantz’s oldest son, started to work at T.R.A.M.S Property Management from the age of 16. It was a summer job that he often returned to during his studies, which he will complete at an American university. Back in Montreal, he is hired by an important … Continued

The Pomerantz Foundation contributes to emergency support for families in need!

Helping “Since its creation in 1954, the mission of Sun Youth has been to help. Today, we are focusing our efforts on emergency services for vulnerable individuals and families. We want to help as many people as possible get out of precarious situations”, stresses Ernie Rosa, who joined the Sun Youth organization 27 years ago. How donations from … Continued

Together for the harmonious social integration of young people!

The Sun Youth DNA The idea which inspired Earl De La Perralle, Sid Stevens and a group of young people from the Saint-Louis neighbourhood, all of whom spearheaded Sun Youth, was to empower idle youths from the neighbourhood to prevent them from becoming the local bums. Sports “Our sports and recreation program is 65 years old … Continued

Pomerantz Foundation and Sun Youth: together to make a difference!

The Origins of Sun Youth Sun Youth was created by Earl De La Perralle, Sid Stevens and a group of young people from the St-Louis neighbourhood. That was in 1954. With the profits they made from The Clarke Street Sun newspaper, later known as The Sun Youth Organization, they encouraged youths in their neighbourhood to practice their … Continued