Accessories to savour a good cigar according to Terry

Savouring is not smoking

Let’s first recall the fundamental distinction that Terry sees between “smoking” and “savouring” a cigar. “To savour a cigar, you need to keep the smoke inside your mouth for a few seconds and taste the flavours and aromas that emanate from it. Make sure to never inhale the smoke! You do not smoke a cigar. You savour it!”

An accessory without price

Such a big cigar enthusiast as Terry owns an array of accessories such as humidors, torch lighters and cigar cases. However, those are not the most essential elements. According to Terry: “The most precious accessory cannot be bought. It has no price and is already yours. It’s your time. You need to take it to savour a good cigar. And savouring a good cigar, that’s like savouring the time that passes slowly. It’s taking the time to dream.”

Your freedom space

The second accessory is just as essential. “You also need to find the space where you will enjoy your cigar in complete peace. Preferably, choose a location where your smoke will not disturb anyone. Install yourself comfortably in your favorite seat. Place an ashtray within your reach, take your cigar, cut its cap with your cigar-cutter, light it, draw in a few puffs and dive into your freedom space.”

You don’t need more accessories to stop time.

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Entrepreneur and prominent figure in Montreal's real estate and manufacturing sectors, Terry Pomerantz approaches every aspect of life with heart and character. At the helm of Domfoam and T.R.A.M.S Property Management, he carries on his late father's legacy while dedicating his philanthropic commitment to the Pomerantz Foundation, which has been actively supporting children's causes since 1991.