The Speech Pathology program at the Jewish General Hospital’s Child Psychiatry Services.

A school at the hospital Since 2015, the Pomerantz Foundation partnered with the Jewish General Hospital Foundation to finance a very specific program within the school integrated to the Child Psychiatry Services at the Jewish General Hospital (JGH). “We believe that our family foundation has a duty to provide support to children who are different”, … Continued

The Starlight Children’s Foundation Canada organizes a very special Halloween party!

An Amazing Halloween Party! Trick or treating is not really possible for seriously ill children. Most of them can only be nostalgic about Halloween activities, as if they will never again experience such magical moments. To rectify this, Starlight Children’s Foundation Canada organizes each year Halloween events adapted to the needs of seriously ill kids, … Continued

Greg Gattinger, volunteer for 12 years at the Pomerantz Foundation!

From accounting to the green… An accountant by profession, Greg Gattinger joined the Pomerantz Foundation’s team of volunteers, to be in charge of… accounting! Over time, he realized that he wanted to do more than list numbers in columns. He thus asked Terry to get involved in the organization of events for the Foundation, especially … Continued

Starlight Children’s Foundation Canada: create smiles for seriously ill children!

Create Smiles For more than 30 years, Starlight Canada’s mission has been to “create priceless smiles and memories for seriously ill children and their families”. This mission directly interconnects with the objectives of the Pomerantz Foundation and the values of its leader, Terry Pomerantz, “The Pomerantz Foundation is here to support organizations that help underprivileged … Continued

What price should you pay for a good wine? (According to Terry)

All good advisors will tell you that you do not need to pay a high price to drink a good wine, Terry first among them. One must also agree on what makes a good wine. A good wine is everything except a price. Wine is particularly good when you are drinking it with the love … Continued

The best wines to drink in summer according to Terry Pomerantz!

If you ask Terry Pomerantz what the best wines are to drink in summer, don’t expect an answer riddled with names of grape varieties, of vintages, of small fruit flavours, of traces of black chocolate marbled with soft blends of truffle scents and late-season raspberries. To your question, Terry will simply answer: “Drink any wine … Continued

Accessories to savour a good cigar according to Terry

Savouring is not smoking Let’s first recall the fundamental distinction that Terry sees between “smoking” and “savouring” a cigar. “To savour a cigar, you need to keep the smoke inside your mouth for a few seconds and taste the flavours and aromas that emanate from it. Make sure to never inhale the smoke! You do … Continued

Terry Pomerantz’s favourite cigar store

Shopping for good cigars is part of life’s pleasures that enhance the precious moments of freedom that Terry Pomerantz sets aside for himself. A big fan of good cigars, he adopted the Vasco Cigars shop on Sainte-Catherine Street, between Bishop and Crescent. Not only does Terry find there a stunning selection of Cuban cigars such … Continued

The Pomerantz Foundation’s 2019 Golf Tournament: a great success!

Pomerantz Foundation’s 12th Annual Golf Tournament: a great success! Could we really expect anything else than the huge success achieved by the 12th Annual Golf Tournament of the Pomerantz Foundation? On Thursday, August 22, Terry Pomerantz and his team welcomed 300 golf players at the prestigious Saint-Raphaël Golf Course, located in Ile Bizard. 360 people … Continued